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Looming legal issues can stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we believe in giving clients our full attention and treating them with care and respect. 

Attempting to tackle a legal matter on your own can end up negatively impacting the outcome of your situation. Why risk such repercussions when our dedicated office is on hand to offer guidance when you need it the most. To set up an appointment or learn more about our Sacramento law practice, call Asterlin Law Group today. 


Asterlin Law combines 19 years of experience with the utilization of rapidly evolving legal technology to give clients' cases the best possible chances of success.

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Practice Areas

Complex Landlord Tenant Law

Complex Landlord-Tenant Litigation issues involving personal injury, hospitalizations, wrongful death, and serious health issues related to exposure to toxic mold, rodent infestation, code violations, etc.

Premises Liability

Serious and catastrophic life changing injuries can occur when property is poorly managed, maintained, and/or supervised. Contact us today, we want to discuss your case. We specialize in both personal injuries and property damages caused by someone else's misuse of their property.

Commercial Real Estate Law

In Sacramento, somebody needs to help all the budding businesses with real estate matters. As a local lawyer familiar with the way local legal customs and statutes operate, Asterlin Law Group is available for all your commercial real estate law needs.

Business Law

As an established Sacramento business law attorney, Asterlin Law Group works to develop trusting, long-term relationships, and provide business clients with the guidance they need to achieve their goals whether through legal advice, litigation, and simply working with various state agencies to protect your rights

Auto Accident

Being involved in an accident is a frightening experience that can drastically change your life within seconds. A car accident can cause debilitating physical injuries, emotional trauma, and costly property damage.​ We typically only handle catastrophic automobile accidents in order to give cases the time, tailored approach, and effort needed.

Commercial Nuisance

Unfortunately, there are times when commercial properties are allowed to become nuisances to the public, which can have devastating consequences to health, property, and property values. If your HOA, Business, or other organization is interested in discussing your legal rights to enforce nuisance laws and abate nuisances caused by commercial property owners, contact us today.

Contract Review - Litigation

If you believe a party to a contract has breached their agreement with you, or are being accused of breaching a contract, it is important to understand your rights. Contact us today!

Professional And Experienced Civil Litigation Attorney

Why Choose Our Firm

Excellent Track Record

Paul Asterlin has worked defending and prosecuting premises liability cases, third-party liability, personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death claims. Working as a defense attorney for two of Sacramento's most reputable firms for nearly a decade provides insight into properly evaluating cases, merit, and risk. Asterlin Law continues to defend businesses, landlords, and business entities but primarily focuses on Plaintiffs in personal injury and business litigation.

We Won't Waste Your Time or Money

We want our clients to know our fees, potential costs of litigation and set expectations upfront. When you have a better understanding of costs involved in litigation and alternative approaches, you can make more informed choices. Complex cases with severe injuries and significant property losses are our specialty. We pride ourselves on working on a contingency fee basis on many of these cases that firms do not want to handle.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Communication is critical. It is important that your calls and emails are responded to quickly and promptly. You will always have direct access to the attorney handling your case.

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Paul Asterlin is an amazing lawyer and I would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a lawyer in the area. He is very organized and able to communicate very well. He brought the win home for us and it was such a great feeling!
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Paul Asterlin is an excellent attorney. This is the attorney you want on your side if you want to win your case. Not only did we win our case but we received a much larger settlement than we even expected. Not only is he well versed in the laws, he was always polite and professional in all of our dealings with him. I would recommend Paul Asterlin time and time again.
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Paul Asterlin is the attorney you want to handle your case. His expertise and efficiency are impressive. He gets to the heart of legal matters quickly, and has a powerfully effective style... He guided me through the steps I needed to take to build the best possible case. He got the manager and owner to do the right thing, working out an awesome settlement deal. My children and I are deeply grateful for Mr. Asterlin’s professionalism, knowledge, and kindness. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
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